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Community Opportunities
July 15, 2016
Chief Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz
Lawyer Representatives
June 14, 2016

The Southern District of California will be selecting three new Lawyer Representatives for a three-year term, and three "alternate” Lawyer Representatives for a one-year term. The procedures for the selection of Lawyer Representatives, as well as an application, can be found on the Court’s website: Any attorney interested in applying should complete the application and submit such application along with (1) a current resume that is no longer than two pages, and (2) a brief statement of interest and qualifications. Interested attorneys may send their applications to the United States District Court, Southern District of California, 333 West Broadway, Suite 420, San Diego, CA 92101, Attention: Lisa Christensen. Applications must be submitted no later than Friday, July 15, 2016. Please note on the envelope: "Lawyer Representative Application Enclosed.”

Lawyer Representatives’ duties include attending and actively participating in the annual Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, the annual Southern District of California Conference, regular meetings of Lawyer Representatives in the District and public events at the District Court, as well as organizing and actively participating in various special projects each year. All Lawyer Representatives are expected to attend the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference and the Southern District of California Conference each year. Those not planning to attend a conference will be asked to explain in writing to the Chief Judge their reasons for not attending.

Any interested attorney with questions regarding the role and responsibilities of the Lawyer Representatives may contact the current co-chairs: Andy Schopler at (619) 546-8068 and Shireen Becker at (858) 314-1184.

June 27, 2016
ATTENSION LITIGATORS | Apply now to participate in Guiding Hands Writing Mentors | presenting a 4-months mentorship program for attorneys to take their legal writing and analytical skills to the next level
Have you ever felt that your writing could use some polish? Or that you might not be analyzing legal problems as thoroughly as you could? Would you like to improve your presentation in writing, and increase your chances at rising through the profession?

Participants selected will be matched with an experienced attorney who will work with them on improving legal writing and analysis skills.
The program starts in June‌ with a kick-off networking reception. Meet your mentor here for the first time!
Over the next 4 months, you and your mentor will meet every 2 weeks or so,
with breaks for vacation as needed. Most meetings will be in person, though some may be by phone.
You will bring a written product to the first meeting – something you have already written – and go over it with the mentor, who will make editing suggestions.
In between meetings you will implement the mentor’s suggestions, and bring the newly edited piece, or a new piece, to the next meeting.
The program will wrap up in early October with a session on job searches and paths to job success, followed by a networking session.
Be matched with an experienced attorney
Receive concrete feedback on one or more written products that you have already written
Increase your writing and analysis skills
Have at least one strong writing sample
Learn to edit yourself
Make connections with many accomplished attorneys, and get guidance from them on job searches and professional development
Attorneys 1 - 5 years out of law school, who have had law jobs
Co-sponsored by the
Alameda County Bar Association
10‌00 Broadway, Suite 4‌80
Oakland, C‌A 94‌607
California Minority Counsel Program
4‌65 California Street, Suite 635
San Francisco, CA 941‌04
Those interested in taking their skills to the next level
Those interested in opening up opportunities to work in-house or at larger law firms
We particularly encourage attorneys from diverse backgrounds and/or underrepresented groups to apply
To apply you must be a member of the ACBA, CMCP, and one or more of the EBDBC bar associations. Discounts available.
Please send completed applications to Guiding Hands Writing Mentors, c/o Tiela Chalmers at, or 1000 Broadway, Suite 4‌80, Oakland, CA 94‌607.
June 30, 2016
Call for Volunteers
We're seeking volunteers for CMCP events. Use your enthusiasm for CMCP as a way to expand your own personal network and business contacts!


Real GCs of SF: Navigating to the Top Spot

CMCP/Kaiser 6th Annual CLE Marathon

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