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Newsletter Committee FAQs

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Why write for the CMCP eNewsletter

Writing substantive content for the CMCP eNewsletter is an opportunity for CMCP member attorneys to gain visibility by demonstrating legal expertise in their chosen areas of practice, and to be recognized by clients, potential clients and colleagues for their proficiency in the field. It also offers an opportunity to develop and refine skills in legal content writing. Conducting interviews and writing member attorney profiles allows members to meet attorneys they may not otherwise meet, to connect with them by engaging about their lives and careers, to be a connector by facilitating the interview and profile writing for someone else, and possibly lead to or establish new business connections.

Attending CMCP events is a great opportunity to network, and writing a summary of the event experience enhances that opportunity by giving the member a reason to engage directly with speakers/panelists, presenters, and other key individuals who may be attending and participating in the events.

The CMCP eNewsletter is distributed to approximately 6,000 subscribers. The substantive articles published in the newsletter are also published onto JD Supra, a legal content publishing platform and distributor, as well as promoted via social media by CMCP & JD Supra.

Types of Newsletter Content

Substantive Articles discuss, interpret and explain particular areas of the law and any new changes or developments that may be relevant or significant for newsletter readers. The best and most widely read articles are those that are timely in the sense they address laws that may currently be challenged by pending, changing, revised, or newly passed legislation. Laws that may become front-and-center due to "hot” issues or events in business, politics or society are also ideal for publication.

Member Attorney Profiles feature diverse CMCP member attorneys in California who have made key achievements in their careers, and have overcome various challenges in navigating the legal industry. Profiles include in-house counsel, outside counsel at majority and minority law firms, sole practitioners, public agency attorneys, members of the judiciary, and attorneys at non-profit organizations.

CMCP Event Write-Ups CMCP holds approximately 12-20 events in a calendar year throughout California. The event summaries help to promote CMCP programs, the attorneys who participate, and enhance the visibility of the members who write the summary.

Committee Member Responsibilities

Seek or write substantive articles for newsletter
Committee members can write their own substantive articles for one or more newsletter issues, or reach out to their networks and ask their attorney colleagues to write on a particular topic within their area of legal expertise. Refer to the Substantive Article Content Guidelines and share this with anyone from whomever you solicit an article.

Conduct or facilitate interviews for Member Attorney Profiles
Committee members can 1) directly contact member attorneys who the committee or CMCP has identified as potential candidates for a profile in an upcoming issue of the newsletter, 2) conduct the interview and 3) write the profile. Committee members may also seek others within their network and ask their attorney colleagues to conduct any part of this process, whether it’s the introduction, interview or the profile writing. This is a way to help create an opportunity and facilitate an introduction or meeting for your peers. Refer to the Member Attorney Profiles Guidelines for more info.

Attend CMCP Events and write up event summaries
Attend CMCP events, network and engage with other participants, get an overall feel for the event and share that experience with newsletter readers, and help to promote CMCP programs. Refer to the CMCP Event Summary Write-Up Guidelines for more info.

Review Article Content
Includes the basics such as checking for grammar, spelling and other technical language issues. Furthermore, if an article is written on a topic that falls within your area of expertise, you will check its content for accuracy, review the author’s assumptions and determine whether something is fact or an interpretation of facts, and make suggestions for revision. This provides you with an opportunity to refine your ability to analyze another attorney’s interpretation of a particular area of the law in which you specialize.

Actively Participate In Committee Calls/Meetings
The eNewsletter Committee shall hold 4-6 meetings (via teleconference for approximately 45-90 minutes/call) per calendar year (depending on publication schedule) to organize itself and its activities, discuss and share content ideas, assist and collaborate with other committee members, assume and assign responsibility, and stay on track of the publishing schedule. Committee members are encouraged to actively participate on these calls, bring thoughts and ideas to the table and take the time and effort to deliberate thoughts and ideas presented by others.

Promote CMCP eNewsletter among your network & via your online professional/social networks
Take pride in your voluntary contributions to CMCP, and share your work and expertise with your colleagues. This helps to promote your work, enhances your visibility, and helps to expand the reach of the CMCP newsletter to a larger audience, creating value all around. Refer to the Social Media Promotion Guidelines for more info.

Help promote CMCP eNewsletter on CMCP’s Social Network platforms
CMCP’s presence in online social network platforms exists to help promote our members and the value they create. Make the most of these tools by sharing the newsletter content among CMCP’s online networks. Post an article from the newsletter, "Like” a newsletter posting, comment on newsletter content, start a conversation on a particular subject discussed in the newsletter, etc. Refer to the Social Media Promotion Guidelines for more info.

Content Guidelines - Substantive Articles
Length: 800 words; Topic: various substantive legal topics relevant to CMCP's membership constituency File Format: Microsoft Word; Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12;

Content Guidelines - Attorney Spotlight
Length: 800 words; Please obtain a current and high quality photo Text File Format: Microsoft Word; Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12; Image File Format: JPEG

Member News, Highlights and Announcements
A brief write-up, a few sentences, of achievements by CMCP members, whether they are individual minority attorneys or law firms or corporate legal departments. Achievements can include awards, recognitions, promotions, partnerships, case wins in professional legal career or awards, recognition and progress in the legal diversity space.

Do not use fancy styling and formatting of text.

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